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Rates and Commissions

Overnight Rates

Hold your positions overnight for a reasonable fee

Overnight fees are applicable for short positions and FX. They depend on market conditions and change frequently. You can find current overnight fees for short trades and FX in the client's area.

Overnight rates are also subject to a triple fee from Wednesday to Thursday night for the weekend.

There are also enter/exit and safekeeping fees applicable to cryptocurrency funds.

All other instruments are not subject to overnight fees.

Inactivity Fee

Automatically deductible 50 EUR

A 50 EUR inactivity fee will be automatically deducted from your account unless:

  • You are an authorized trader/agent
  • Your balance is over 5,000 EUR
  • Your last trade was less than 6 months ago
  • You have at least one open position

Other Fees

Trade Desk trading and custom requests

There is a 90 EUR fee for trading any instrument on the platform via EXANTE Trade Desk.

A 90 EUR fee applies when you order custom reports and documentation.

Short Position

Start shorting at just 12%

Short selling is available for liquid stocks that either come with a predefined limit or go through the daily locate procedure. Limits and rates depend on the stock, clients' trading strategy and current market conditions.

A current default rate is 12% for easy-to-borrow stocks for all clients, albeit this can change depending on the market situation. In order to open a position for a hard-to-borrow stock, please contact support@xnt.mt for a quote and availability.

Margin Trading

No fees, just keep utilisation below 100%

We do not charge margin-trading fees. You can trade with leverage as long as you keep Margin Utilisation below 100%.

In case the utilisation exceeds 100%, you will be subject to a daily fee equivalent to 100% p.a. on the exceeded value. To reduce margin utilisation, we can close your positions manually. The fee for manual execution in case of a margin call is 90 EUR.

The exceeded margin fees are applied per each margin call and charged on a daily basis. The fees for the upcoming weekends are charged on the night of Wednesday to Thursday.

Interest Rates

Transparent interest structure

Negative balance is subject to interest rates. The exact interest depends on the currency of the negative balance. You can check the full table in the client’s area.

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